is laptop better or ipad in 2024

is laptop better or ipad in 2024 if this is your question then we have written an article about it which can help you find which one is better and why.

first let’s see some differences between them to find out which one is better

is laptop better or ipad in 2024 reasons

1. Purpose and Usage

Your intended usage should be your first priority when deciding between a laptop and an iPad. Laptops are multipurpose productive  machines that can handle a variety of jobs. They thrive in coding, heavy multitasking, creating content, and running resource intensive programs like video editing or 3D modeling software. iPads, on the other hand, are perfect for on-the go  computing, notetaking, and light productivity activities. A laptop may be a better option if you only use the gadget for business.


The portability of the iPad is one of its main selling factors. It’s ideal for travelers and people who are always on the move because of its low weight, small size, and outstanding battery life. Even though they are still portable, laptops often have larger batteries and less battery life. An iPad is the winner here if portability is your top priority.

3.Operating System

Your entire experience may be greatly influenced by the operating system you choose. Typical desktop operating systems for laptops include Windows, macOS, or Linux, which have a wide range of program compatibility. iPads, on the other hand, are more app-focused and run iOS (or iPadOS). Even while the iPad App Store has grown over time, it might not include all the software you require. A laptop is probably your best option if you depend on particular desktop apps.

4.Productivity and Multitasking

Laptops are superior for productivity activities that require multiple applications to be open at once. They provide you a desktop-like experience and let you run several windows simultaneously, which makes multitasking effective. With features like Split View and Slide Over, iPads have gotten better at multitasking, but laptops still provide a more supportive environment for work.

5.Keyboard and Input

Physical keyboards on laptops are a must for long hours of typing. Although you can attach a keyboard to an iPad, doing so comes at a cost and may not be as comfortable as using a laptop keyboard. A laptop is a more practical option if you regularly type or if you are a writer or programmer.

6. Price

In the laptop vs. iPad argument, price is a crucial consideration. Particularly the entry-level ones, iPads are frequently more cheap. The cost of a laptop can vary significantly based on its brand and characteristics. An iPad can be the more affordable option if money is  insufficient.


The iPad’s seamless connection with your other Apple gadgets may make sense if you’re already a member of an ecosystem like Apple’s. Despite their potential to be a part of an ecosystem, laptops could not offer the same degree of integration except for apple laptop’s.

8. special features

i pad comes with a apple pen which increase it’s productivity like creating art or if you are a writer than you can write using apple pen whereas this option doesn’t come with any laptop.

is laptop better or ipad ?

is laptop better or ipad in 2024
Source : apple

If you want to do multiple tasks like heavy editing or coding or want to play games then laptop might be a better choice, whereas if you want to watch movies, play battle royale games or read e books or write or draw something then go for i pad, if you already have laptop then surely go for i pad or if you want apple ecosystem then go for apple ipad.


For some jobs, an iPad with a physical keyboard connected might be an ideal replacement to a laptop, especially if mobility, touch input,  and a tablet-like experience are priorities.

A laptop could still be the best option, though, if you need the full functionality of a desktop operating system, strong multitasking, or  particular desktop apps. In the end, your choice should be based on your unique requirements and how you intend to use the gadget.


In college you do not need high power machines even if you do coding classes, basically in college what is the main thing you do ? to make notes and learn right , therefore if you have an ipad that is more than enough for your college needs.

no it is not necessary to get a laptop if your field of study is not around heavy coding or editing, so if you already have ipad that is enough or if you don’t have ipad then you can go directly for a laptop which can give be your all rounder companion in both productivity or college work.


is laptop better or ipad | 2023
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In the above 8 reasons you can clearly understand that for office work you should probably go for laptop because it is one step always ahead of ipad , you can go for macbook or windows laptop as per your choice, if you want apple ecosystem then go for macbook.

which is better for writing a laptop or ipad ?

The choice between a laptop and an iPad for writing primarily depends on your personal preferences and specific writing needs. Both devices can be used effectively for writing, but they have different strengths and considerations:

Laptop for Writing:

  1. Comfortable Keyboard: Laptops come with built-in physical keyboards that are generally more comfortable for extended writing sessions. They offer tactile feedback and key travel, which many writers prefer.
  2. Full Desktop Software: Laptops run full desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, or Linux), which means you have access to a wide range of word processing and writing software, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and more.
  3. Multitasking: Laptops excel at multitasking, allowing you to have multiple windows open simultaneously. This can be helpful for research or referencing other documents while writing.
  4. Customization: You have more control over the software and settings on a laptop, enabling you to tailor your writing environment to your preferences.

iPad for Writing:

  1. Portability: iPads are highly portable and lightweight, making them ideal for on-the-go writing. They have a long battery life and can be easily carried around.
  2. Touchscreen and Pencil Support: iPads have touchscreens, which can be useful for making quick edits or annotations. If you have an Apple Pencil, it can be great for handwritten notes or sketches.
  3. App Ecosystem: The App Store for iPads offers a variety of writing apps, including Apple’s own Pages, Microsoft Word, and various third-party options like Ulysses and Bear. These apps are designed to take advantage of the iPad’s features.
  4. Syncing with Other Devices: If you’re already part of the Apple ecosystem, an iPad can seamlessly sync your writing across other Apple devices like MacBooks and iPhones.
  5. Distraction-Free Mode: iPads offer a “Focus” mode that can help reduce distractions while writing by limiting access to certain apps.

In conclusion, both laptops and iPads are capable of serving as excellent writing tools, but the choice comes down to your preferences and priorities. If you prioritize a comfortable physical keyboard, need access to a wide range of writing software, and value multitasking capabilities, a laptop might be the better choice. However, if you prefer portability, touch input, and a tablet-like experience, an iPad can be an excellent option for writing, especially when combined with a physical keyboard or an Apple Pencil. Ultimately, it’s a matter of what suits your workflow and personal writing style best.

laptop or an ipad which one is better for making you tube videos ?

laptop or an ipad which one is better for making you tube videos

When it comes to making YouTube videos, both laptops and iPads have their advantages, and the choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the type of content you plan to create. Here are some factors to consider for each option:

Laptop for Making YouTube Videos:

  1. Processing Power: Laptops typically offer more processing power, which is crucial for video editing and rendering. They can handle resource-intensive video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve.
  2. Software Compatibility: Laptops run full desktop operating systems, giving you access to a wide range of professional video editing software and tools.
  3. Multitasking: Laptops are better equipped for multitasking, allowing you to edit videos while having multiple applications open simultaneously, such as web browsers for research or additional media assets.
  4. Storage: Laptops often have larger storage capacities, which is essential for storing video files and project assets.
  5. Customization: Laptops offer greater customization options, allowing you to upgrade hardware components like RAM and storage to meet your video editing needs.

iPad for Making YouTube Videos:

  1. Portability: iPads are highly portable, making them convenient for shooting videos on the go. You can use them for vlogging, capturing footage, and simple video editing tasks.
  2. Touchscreen and Pencil Support: iPads have touchscreens and, with the Apple Pencil, offer intuitive and precise editing, drawing, and annotation capabilities, which can be useful for certain types of content.
  3. App Ecosystem: The App Store for iPads offers video editing apps like Luma Fusion and Adobe Rush, which are optimized for touch interfaces and can handle basic to intermediate video editing tasks.
  4. Quick Video Editing: For straightforward video editing or creating content with minimal editing requirements, iPads can be efficient and straightforward.
  5. Content Creation: iPads are versatile for content creation and can be used for tasks like scriptwriting, storyboarding, and creating graphics or animations.

In summary, if you are looking to create professional, high-quality YouTube videos with advanced editing requirements, a laptop is generally the better choice due to its processing power, software compatibility, and multitasking capabilities. However, iPads can be excellent for quick and on-the-go video creation, especially if you value portability, touchscreen input, and simplicity. Some creators even use both devices in their workflows, using the iPad for certain aspects of content creation and the laptop for intensive video editing tasks. Ultimately, your choice should align with your specific video production needs and budget.

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