5 BEST TWS UNDER 2000 in 2023

Nowdays it is very difficult to choose the the right TWS but don’t worry we shall help you.

we have picked 5 best TWS under 2000 and this are the best rated and best selling TWS on e-commerce sites under ₹ 2000 so we are gonna tell you the one best TWS you should buy under ₹ 2000 .

our list of 5 BEST TWS UNDER 2000 in 2023 are :

  1. One plus Nord Buds 2r
  2. Realme Buds air 3 Neo
  3. Oppo Enco Buds 2
  4. Anker Soundcore R50i
  5. Boat Airpodes 141

so among this which is the absolute best..?

5 BEST TWS UNDER 2000 in 2023 :

we have reviewed this according to the following terms so let’s start with –


so all of these TWS comes with plastic cases and all of them have type- C port for charging and all of them have a coloured LED for battery and pairing indication and only boat airpodes 141 has a proper dedicated button for pairing and resetting which is honestly essential because we don’t have to open the screen and pair them manually which is time taking.

we also have heard that lot’s of budget TWS cases break from hinge so it is important to notice that case of one plus nord 2r and anker soundcore R50i is the most well built case whereas the case of oppo enco buds 2 and boat earpodes 141 is decent and realme upper case is not so better as compared to others.

All earbuds have long stem design and one plus nord buds 2 have the shortest stem because of which it is more comfortable than the others and it also has the flat profile.

as for the weight :

  1. One plus Nord Buds 2r case- 38gms each earbuds 4.3gms
  2. Realme Buds air 3 Neo case-38gms each earbuds 4gms
  3. Oppo Enco Buds 2 case-38gms each earbuds 4gms
  4. Anker Soundcore R50i case-46gms each earbuds 4.55gms
  5. Boat Airpodes 141 case-45gms each earbuds 4gms

yes the boat and anker cases are the heaviest but it will not bother much

as for the IP rating

  1. One plus Nord Buds 2r IP rating IP55
  2. Realme Buds air 3 Neo IP rating IPX5
  3. Oppo Enco Buds 2 IP rating IPX4
  4. Anker Soundcore R50i IP rating IPX5
  5. Boat Airpodes 141 IP rating IPX5

all of them have ip rating but one plus buds have an advantage here because it has both splash and dust ressistants which is always good to have.


the most important part in a TWS is how do they sound

so out of these only One plus buds support Fast pairing as soon as you open the box but it is limited to only with One plus phones which is kind of sad right, all of them have latest bluetooth versions so there is no problem in terms of connectivity or range, so all of them supports SBC,AAC and only One plus has the biggest 12.4mm drivers while the rest have the 10mm and only the oppo and the realme have dolby atmos support.

out of these the best sound quality is of Oppo enco buds 2r- these are the loudest of all and the sound is crisp, clear and thumpy base without any doubt this is the best

the 2nd best in terms of sound is anker earbuds – loud and audio quality is nice

the third best is one plus buds – it also has a good base and crisp audio quality

as for the other Tws sound quality is just ok not as good as the upper three

as for latency all of them are good but oppo enco buds have the best low latency and worst is of anker

3.ANC (active noise cancellation)

only boat earbuds have ANC which works decent for the price it comes with which will reduce some of the outside noise.


the oneplus,oppo,boat has the quad mics setup and the other two have the dual mics setup

out of these the boat mic is the best

and the other is just ok but not clear


all of them have touch controls for play & pause

one plus and boat do not support volume control wirelessly and boat does not have app support while all of them have so you can’t customize boat according to your needs. all of them have game modes

one plus has dual connectivity support and anker buds have find my earphone support which is very usefull in this price range


the battery life of these cases are

  1. One plus Nord Buds 2r 480mah 38hrs
  2. Realme Buds air 3 Neo 460mah 30hrs
  3. Oppo Enco Buds 2 460mah 28hrs
  4. Anker Soundcore R50i 430mah 30hrs
  5. Boat Airpodes 141 400mah 42hrs

the battery life of these earbuds are

  1. One plus Nord Buds 2r 36mah 8hrs
  2. Realme Buds air 3 Neo 40mah 7hrs
  3. Oppo Enco Buds 2 40mah 7hrs
  4. Anker Soundcore R50i 60mah 10hrs
  5. Boat Airpodes 141 35mah 6hrs

in real use it will be 2hrs less.


so which is the best , our choice is without any doub’t the first rank goes to

1.oppo enco buds 2

priced at ₹1,799

5 BEST TWS UNDER 2000 in 2023
Source : Oppo

2. One plus nord buds 2r

priced at ₹2,199

5 BEST TWS UNDER 2000 in 2023
Source : Oneplus

oppo has the best sound quality and app support with good looks . so the one which you should buy is Oppo earbuds



What is TWS?

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) refers to a wireless audio technology that allows users to enjoy stereo sound without any physical connections between the left and right earbuds. Unlike traditional wired headphones or even wireless earphones with a neckband or a cable connecting the earpieces, TWS earbuds are completely cord-free. This means each earbud can function independently while maintaining a seamless audio experience.

How Does TWS Work?

TWS earbuds rely on Bluetooth technology to establish a wireless connection between the audio source (usually a smartphone, tablet, or laptop) and the earbuds themselves.


I hope this guide has helped you navigate the TWS -buying process. Don’t hesitate to seek advice or ask questions (COMMENT BELOW )

5 best tws  under 2000


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